The best advice we can give you, is to trust your sense of style. If  it fits with your vision, the rest can be sorted out.
What Are Your Prices?
We provide custom packages depending on your needs. Is it a small elopement? Or a 3 day destination wedding? 
What is included in your packages
Without exception all of our packages include some kind of video experience. We believe that video is essential to tell your wedding story and we include at least short video snapshots as part of our packages. Also, there will always be at least 2 of us. And depending on your wedding there can be 4-5. 
How Can We Reserve A Date?
First, we need to agree on the date and your custom package. Then we will send you our contract for review and once that is signed and a 30% retainer paid we will reserve your wedding date.
Do you shoot traditional wedding portraits?
In short, yes. We always schedule time for immediate family portraits and work with you or your wedding planner to make this go as smoothly as possible. For more info, please get in touch.
How Many Images Do We Receive?
We tailor everything to your needs, but in general You will receive 50-80 images for each hour we spend at your wedding. 
When will our unique wedding story be finished?
We understand how excited you are!  That is why we have a small preview of 10-20 images ready within 1 week from the wedding. The rest usually takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks.
Where Are You Based?
Currently it's London, Florence and Amalfi Coast.

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