To be perfectly honest, there was a time when we were not wedding photographers. A time when we had to hire others to take pictures for us. We know how you feel. It is hard to know who might be the best photographer for you. We have seen the mistakes others have made and made a promise to ourselves, and to you, not to repeat them.

Since then We have traveled to 12 countries and shot close to 50 weddings. We have gained experience and learned how to tell a wedding story. And while it is just the beginning for us, we have already made lifetime friends and learned what it really means to be wedding photographers.


fashion portraits
Like some of you reading this, I took my time to figure my way in life and work. After a lot of trial and error, I’m still not there yet.

But I have managed to gain more than a decade of experience in photography, design and fashion industries. I have studied psychology and later art. I have learned to improvise, to create and if all else fails, to start again.

Which led me to here and now. To being an editorial wedding photographer. Something I didn’t expect, and didn’t actively pursue. It just kind of happened, like some of the other great things in life. Like meeting the love of my life. Or being Your wedding photographer.


Exceptional Eye For Detail
Ingrida’s background is in fashion. She is a professional fashion/bridal designer who has always loved photography and had a good eye for details.

She will help you style Your wedding dress, give hair and make-up tips, and help you in any way possible.

In between weddings and during the off-season Ingrida works as a bridal designer and has her own brand. Combining the two distinct industries she is able to grow as an artist and as a photographer.


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